Our Heritage

Angoalissar was founded in 1992, and we have been committed ever since in the import, manufacture and distribution of commodities, FMCG and frozen goods throughout Angola.

Angoalissar established its first food print in Luanda, in 1992 offering our customer healthier and high quality product at affordable price. In 1995, we opened our first branch in Namibe, and in the following years, we expanded to Huambo in 2000, to Cabinda in 2004, to Zaire (soyo), Bié (Kuito) and Kwanza Sul (Sumbe) in 2010, and to Uige in 2011.

Today, we are a leader in soft commodities and fast-moving consumer goods as well as the number 1 importer of food, operating in 12 provinces and employing more than 2200 people across all operations, with over 94% being local talents. In 2014, Amigo Academy was created in order to provide specific training to all those who work with us.

Our success is based on the relationships we have been building with the trade, suppliers, stakeholders and consumers for over two decades.

Corporate Values

We build sustainable relations with all our stakeholders. We are fully committed to our team, customers, suppliers and community.

We are extremely flexible in adapting to new and quick changing environments. We are always looking ahead to implement innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions to meet market needs.

We embrace our family spirit. A spirit that is geared by courage, ethics and integrity. A spirit that shines, and we shine with it.

We strive to always be pioneers, never failing to push ourselves one step further. We are trendsetters in the emerging markets we operate in.

We value our human capital. We find imperative to build the capabilities of our people and foster entrepreneurship.

Quality and Safety

Angoalissar is totally committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of its customers. We are proud of our high quality products because we strive at the continuous improvement and upgrading of our comprehensive quality assurance and safety system.

Our quality management system tackles all aspects of quality from the stage the product is developed till the stage it’s launched into the market. We make sure our product’s identity is well defined through the proper setting of finished product technical specifications and the appropriate selection of our suppliers with whom we work hard for establishing our high quality standards.

Product quality is further verified by the conduct of quality control and safety tests upon product reception and storage. Our newly installed laboratory is well equipped to handle physical, chemical and microbiological tests and to make sure organoleptic quality of our products meets customers’ preferences.

Because we believe that quality is the key to success, we strive at achieving high quality standards throughout our business processes.

Risk Management

From origin to final consumer, along the supply chain, trade flows and distribution operations, Webcor Group identifies, quantifies and monitors its key risks on a daily basis, and mitigates those risks by applying the appropriate policies.

From the insurable risks, such as inland and sea transits, inventory, property, pollution, sovereign risks and general liabilities; to the non-insurable risks identified as trading risks (market risks, credit risks, counterparty risks, currency risks, etc) and operational risks (failure of internal processes, production breakdowns, etc).


Angoalissar complies with international standards of innumerous laws, rules and regulations.

To ensure the Group complies at different level, the legal updates are continuously monitored to ensure the Group’s activities comply with:

•   The latest legal requirements;
•   All applicable trade restrictions, boycotts and embargos;
•   Usage of adapted software and electronic programs allowing Angoalissar to profile all customers, suppliers and other business relations;
•   The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA);
•   Equal employment opportunities with preference to nationals of every region, thus ensuring local employment opportunities mainly in Angola;
•   Avoidance of child labor under any form in sectors and countries;
•   Abidance by all applicable environmental standards and energy related regulations in the regions in which Angoalissar operates;
•   Instauration of a complaints system / whistleblowing hotlines;
•   Board-level oversight of compliance activities;
•   High standards of corporate governance, business integrity and professionalism in all of the Groups’ activities.