To ensure the access of families to the best range of products, we invest not only in the Angoalissar brand but also in the distribution of over 80 international consumer goods brands, which are already a part of Angola on a daily basis. Angoalissar’s portfolio includes essential goods such as wheat flour, rice, maize flour, sugar, pulses and palm oil, as well as frozen goods products.

Fast-moving consumer goods

BELA VIDA offers an array of high-quality dairy products, including the freshly-tasting BELA VIDA milk, which provides you with all the nutrients you need to keep a healthy and balanced diet.

PRIMAVERA offers premium pasta, tomato paste and soybean oil for a refined and delicious cooking experience. PRIMAVERA, it’s spring in your kitchen every day!

BIBA offers a variety of self-indulging products like margarine and condensed milk, adding extra flavor to your snacks and giving you a much needed energy boost.

MASSIMA is a brand of delicious condiments, especially made from high-quality ingredients to flavor foods and dishes.

Kingstar is a premium brand of Thai products; from mild-flavored and sweet-scented Thai jasmine rice to top-quality palm oil and mouthwatering canned tuna and sardines.

Experience the “Taste of Perfection” with SANTA CLARA soybean oil.

RED BULL is a world famed energy drink giving consumers a boost of energy whenever needed. It is best known for its slogan “Red Bull Gives You Wings”.

Gallo is the number 1 Portuguese olive oil brand, and the third best in the world. The brand brings to your table an exceptional product made with passion and great know-how. In addition to olive oil, the Gallo range comprises table olives and vinegar.

Serranitas is a classic cracker for everyday consumption. Ideal to munch on at any time of the day, whether plain or with your choice of topping!

ManĂĄ is a light and soft vanilla cookie, perfect for your children when they have a sweet tooth at home or at school.

Bon-O-Bon is one of Arcor’s iconic brands, with an appetizing range of bonbons, wafers, Easter eggs, alfajores, chocolate bars, snacks, filled chocolates and ice creams.

Characterized by its active stain-removing formula, So Klin is a concentrated powder detergent, enhanced with Color Guard technology to protect colors and keep your clothes looking as clean and fresh as new.

Available in a variety of flavors, Jumbo is a range of stock cubes that adds a special African touch to every recipe.

The Laughing Cow Âź brings fun and good humor to all! With its delicious and unmatched taste, this creamy cheese is a real delight for the young and old! Packed with Calcium and low on fat, The Laughing Cow Âź is part of every family’s balanced diet! And that’s not all! The Calcium-Vitamin D combo in the cheese helps strengthen everyone’s bones so you can all stay fit and healthy!

Ultra Mel is a creamy, preservative-free yoghurt that Angolans have become fond of throughout the years. It’s a tasty and convenient snack and can serve as a meal replacement. Made from full-cream milk, it offers you a considerable part of your daily dairy requirements. Available in 5 fruity flavors, Strawberry, Tropical Fruits, Banana, Coco Pine and Mango.

BOOM is a gentle yet powerful powder laundry detergent that is suitable for both hand and machine washing. Thanks to its balanced formula, BOOM effortlessly removes tough stains, requiring much less scrubbing than any other detergent, while being smooth and gentle on your skin.

No1Âź is the leading match & Candle brand in Angola from the start and still going strong , their matches are well known for being sturdy, easy to light, safe to use and of high quality. Ideal for stoves, grills, fireplaces and campfires.

KANDANDO is one the leading diaper brands in Angola. It offers compact, convenient and comfortable diapers that have a mixed type, chlorine-free absorbent core with high SAP concentration to provide an optimized liquid retention capacity. The gentle soft inner layer ensures dryness and comfort while the pocketed back waistband keeps runny messes where they belong.

PATRIOTA offers a wide range of rice and dry pulses (pinto beans, butter beans, white and red beans, black beans and others), which are delicious, easy to cook, and filled with nutritional benefits for they are high in protein, fiber and minerals yet low in fat. All our foods come in convenient, high-quality packs of various sizes to cater to different customers’ needs, preserve products’ quality and nutritional value, and provide you and your family with a rich variety of healthy daily meals.

ZWAN is part of Netherlands’ Zwanenberg Food Group, one of Europe’s leading processed meat manufacturers, with production facilities in the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. ZWAN products include luncheon meats, hotdogs, cocktail sausages and many others. Our factories are HACCP, BRC and USDA approved and our products are made of top quality ingredients according to the best international quality and safety standards.

Food commodities

Wheat Flour

L’Aigle du Nord


Uncle Sam

Maize Flour



Tio Sandro



Palm Oil


Frozen Goods

DELI offers high-quality frozen chicken leg quarters sourced from the best suppliers.

SEARA is a frozen chicken brand, known for its products’ quality and freshness.

Pilgrim Foodservice aims to be a preferred supplier of frozen chicken products. The company is best known for its quality services and extensive range with over 4,000 kinds of frozen, chilled and ambient products sourced from leading world suppliers.

Allana is the world’s largest producer and exporter of frozen halal boneless buffalo meat, leading the Indian market for this category.

Jennie-O offers a wide variety of frozen meats, from deli meats and whole turkeys, to ground turkey and sausages. Jennie-O has more than 1500 products and recipes that will enable you to show off your cooking skills!

Koch Foods is a frozen chicken brand that focuses on providing the highest quality products through a fully-controlled poultry growing, manufacturing and distribution process. The brand’s vast resources, vertically integrated capabilities and continual success in providing customized solutions have turned it into an industry leader.